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Lista Adrenalin Park

Do you want to combine the company party or the conference, the birthday party, friend or
anniversary celebration with a fast-paced experience?

Lista Adrenalin Park is located in Lista Fly and Næringspark in Farsund municipality. It is run
by a group of activity lovers, enthusiasts, adrenalin hunters and cheer admirers.
So, if you wish to have a blasting fun, games or mysterious adventure, we are more than
excited to offer everything from shooting games to races or escape rooms. All this selection
is presented in a great variety for any taste, age, and skill. After the hours full of thrilling
activities, you can refresh with our snacks and meals or have a rest in our nearby accommodation.

Considering the positive reactions and all the things we still want to achieve, we are certainly
worth visit, so make Lista Adrenalin Park part of your Farsund vacation plans.

It’s all fun and games!

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Lista Adrenalin Park

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