Festung Lista Hangarmuseum

Join a war historical experience in the 1500 m2 German aircraft hangar where you get set back
to the years 1940-45 when Norway was under the German occupation.

A walk between thematically and authentic exhibition models with aircraft guns/cannons, floodlights, prisoner barracks, officer barrack, train station, German airbase with aircraft models 1;72 and a wide selection of military vehicles, effects and so on.

This is Hangarmuseet, probably the biggest in the south of Norway when it comes to experiences and excitement. In this place you can be close to history…


Forsvarshistoriske Forening

Opening hours: Thursday 17-21 and Sunday 11-13.
Groups with minimum 10 persons can call +47 911 66 955 to make arrangement outside opening hours.

Entry fee: 100 Kr. Children under 12 years, free.



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