Go Kart

There’s nothing like the high-pitched whine of a track-load of karts flying down the straight or whizzing into a banked turn to have speed freaks everywhere drooling to get behind the wheel…

Ever seen V8s race indoors ? Or Formula 1 ?

Didn’t think so.
Real racing takes place outdoors. That’s why Lista Adrenalin Park open-air go-kart track is most challenging open-air go-kart track you ever been.

It’s 700m of pure excitement. In our high-octane Go Karts (Super Karts) your driving skills will be pushed to the limit. In our Rookie Go Karts, the same track offers a fun-filled circuit for first-timers.

And we stop for nothing. Not for dark. Not for rain. Not for anything. The race is always on. Any weather. Night or day.

Claim your place!

Prices are per person per round.
Prices are flexible according to number of persons and rounds taken.

Hourly rental of the tracks = 3400 Kr per hour



Regular go-kart : Age limit 15 years
Children’s card : Age limit 10 years
Twinkart : Smaller children together with parent / guardian

10 Min Drive = 200 NOK
3 * 10 Min Drive = 500 NOK
Group Price (10 Min) = 165 NOK

This is how we roll !

Adrenalin ZONE

Looking for more FUN?

Adrenalin ZONE

Looking for more FUN?