Laser tag

“Hide behind blocks, dodge shots, and defend the base at all cost!”

Try either to win or just survive this exciting quest.

Laser tag field

Step into the battle zone

Jump into your combat gear and grab your laser gun as you prepare for an exhilarating tag battle. After a complete briefing from a friendly and experienced staff, your group is sorted into 2 teams—or you can compete as an individual.

The object of the game is to score points while defending oneself and one’s team’s base from attack.

Claim your place!

Prices are per person.
Prices are flexible according to number of persons.

Rules and regulations

Everything you need to know

Points are scored by tagging other players as well as team bases and arena targets. A typical game experience is fifteen (15) minutes in length, which includes a briefing of gameplay and rules, a stop in the vesting room to pick up a vest/phaser pack, and then heading into the arena for intense competition!

Adrenalin ZONE

Looking for more FUN?

Adrenalin ZONE

Looking for more FUN?